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We empower businesses through cutting-edge photography and innovative solutions that are both flexible and dependable. By leveraging our platforms, we seamlessly connect passionate creators with top-tier brands, delivering authentic, original, and brand-aligned content. Our unwavering dedication lies in fostering meaningful connections and accelerating the growth trajectory of brands.

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Who we are

A Stock Photo + Website & Software Development Agency

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A secure file transfer platform enabling users to send encrypted data of up to 1GB effortlessly. With robust encryption and lightning-fast speeds, xShare ensures confidentiality and efficiency in sharing files, revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses exchange sensitive information securely.

Xoryo AI

An innovative stock photo-generating tool developed with OpenAI’s DALL-E technology at its core. Driven by state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, Xoryo AI pledges unparalleled speed and precision in generating captivating visuals. From dynamic portraits to breathtaking landscapes, it will empower users to effortlessly craft high-quality images, revolutionizing visual content creation.

What we are working on


xStudio is an ambitious project in development, poised to revolutionize the creative industry. Our vision is to create a dynamic space where individuals can unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life. Through xStudio, customers can access various innovative services, including professional photoshoots, document printing, social media management, website design and development, graphics design, and social media content creation. Our team is dedicated to crafting an immersive experience that empowers users to express themselves in new and exciting ways. Stay tuned as we work tirelessly to bring xStudio to fruition and redefine the possibilities of creative expression.

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Our Story

Xoryo was conceived out of a genuine need for representation and cultural authenticity within the stock photography industry. Frustrated by the lack of images that accurately depicted Caribbean culture and its vibrant diversity, the founders embarked on a mission to create a platform that would cater specifically to Caribbean natives. Thus, xStock was born, providing a rich repository of stock photos that resonated with the region’s people, capturing its essence, beauty, and uniqueness.

However, the vision didn’t stop there. As the Xoryo team delved deeper into the project, they recognized the potential to expand beyond stock photography. Inspired by their initial success, they began exploring other avenues to empower and celebrate Caribbean creativity and talent. With a commitment to innovation and inclusivity, Xoryo is now evolving into a multifaceted platform, aiming to bring a plethora of ideas to life, all centered around showcasing the rich tapestry of Caribbean culture to the world.


Hey there 👋. My name is Javan Turner, and I’m so glad that you’ve stumbled upon our little corner of the internet. We do things differently here, and so I just wanted to share a little bit about my journey to give you some context as to how things are at Xoryo.

My journey into creativity began in my youth when I became enamored with the workings of websites and the vast opportunities they offered with just a few clicks. Initially unaware of the intricacies behind website development, my curiosity drove me to delve deeper into understanding its mechanics. This quest led me to seek out tutorials on website development, primarily on platforms like YouTube, in a bid to satisfy my growing interest in website and software development.

Over the years, I pursued higher education and engaged in various short courses that refined my design skills.

After dedicating over two years to building my website and honing my creative abilities, I gained the confidence to take on client projects. To date, I have contributed to the creation of over 30 websites, software programs, and mobile applications, each making a difference in the lives of millions worldwide.

The inception of Xoryo proved to be a hidden blessing, as it compelled me to learn the nuances of running a company. I am now fortunate enough to be in a position to assist others in bringing their dream websites to fruition, drawing upon the thousands of hours spent perfecting our own.

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